Error Messages Codes

The following error codes will be returned in case of errors processing your application request:

Error MessageDescription
api_key_not_foundNo API key was passed in the request header. Refer to the API Authentication section.
api_key_not_validThe API key is not valid. Please check your API key and contact us in case you are experiencing problems.
auth_type_not_foundAn invalid auth_type was requested. Currently, we only support 'telegram' as an auth_type.
application_not_foundYour application was not found. We use the API key to access your defined application. Contact us in case you are experiencing this error message.
user_not_foundYour external user was not found. Please check if you are passing the correct user_id.
user_already_existsYour external user already exists. We use a combination of user, application (API key), and auth_type to establish a unique external user.
code_is_not_validThe 2FA code is not valid, meaning the code is incorrect (or not found).
code_is_expiredThe 2FA code has expired, your application should request a new code.
chat_id_not_foundNo association with an auth_type was found, this means that we were unable to record the chat_id for that user. This error generally occurs if a resend_code is called before the user opens and clicks 'Start' on the Securify Bot.